Long days in the field expose your eyes to intense light, ultraviolet rays and wind. This can make for tired eyes that are unprepared to focus on the shot when you need to be sharp. i-gogs Camo sunglasses and goggles allow you to keep your eyes on your target without worrying about spooking game.
•    100% UV Protection
•    Available in Polycarbonate or P-Tech™ Polarized lens
•    Amber lens tint for low light conditions
•    Smoke lens tint for bright conditions

Protect your eyes in the field, stand or blind with i-gogs Camouflage sunglasses and goggles. The entire i-gogs camo line provides 100% Ultraviolet protection while protecting you from intense light and glare, which leads to eye fatigue – something no outdoorsman can afford to have. I-gogs Camo sunglasses, in Brown Leaf pattern and the all-new White Camo (below), offer a range of options to meet the rigors of your outdoor needs. Full-frames or half frames, Polycarbonate or Polarized lenses, Smoke lens tint for bright conditions as well as Amber lens tint that’s perfect for low-light conditions.

Concealment and Protection

Blocks 100% UV For Long Days On The Water