i-gogs Polarized sunglasses have been an important piece of gear for fishermen for decades. But did you know that our Polarized lenses cut glare and give definition to snow and ice surfaces too? Outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts appreciate i-gogs Polarized sunglasses for their ability to cut glare - creating a clearer, safer view.


Polarization eliminates nearly all the reflected surface glare allowing wearers to see fish and hazards in the water. When the sun reflects off the surface of the water, its brightness is magnified – creating intense glare. The multiple layers of filters in our exclusive i-gogs P-Tech™ Polarized lenses block these horizontal light waves, reducing glare and the eyestrain that results.
•    P-Tech Polarized lens technology is superior visual clarity
•   100% UV Protection
•    Several lens colors available
•    Wide range of styles - bifocals, floaters, fit-over, youth

Protect your eyes from glare as well as harmful UV rays by wearing i-gogs Polarized sunglasses. i-gogs Polarized sunglasses have long been popular with boaters and fishermen. Now with our exclusive P-Tech Polarized lens technology you can be assured your vision will be superior.


P-Tech Polarized Stops Glare

A Clearer, Safer View