Reading Glasses

Presbyopia is a natural progression of our eyes as we age. It interferes with the eye’s ability to focus on smaller print or objects close at hand.

i-gogs Reading Glasses are available in six powers for reading, computer work or simply reading the menu at a restaurant. Every pair of i-gogs are made with a superior Aspheric lens that are slimmer and lighter - for a comfortable fit. And they are available in a wide variety of fame styles including Men's, Women's and Unisex.

With 6 diopters (lens refractive power) available, i-gogs readers bring clarity to virtually any reader needs.
•    MILD: +1.25, +1.50
•    MEDIUM: +1.75, +2.00
•    STRONG: +2.25, +2.50

For most people in their mid-40's reading glasses are required to make out that fine print. With the amount of time spent on computers and smart phones clear vision, especially up close, is imperative.

While there is no cure for the common condition called presbyopia, the loss of near vision caused by aging, affordable i-gogs reading glasses are practical to have close at hand...wherever you need them.  i-gogs reading glasses come in a wide range of lens refractive powers, frame styles and designs. And i-gogs reading glasses are a better value as only the best lens and frame materials go into every pair of i-gogs reading glasses for Men and Women.

Brings Clarity To Close-Up Work

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