Performance sunglasses are an essential piece of sports equipment. Just as proper footwear provides support and cushion or the right driver extends your shot – our Performance sunglasses protect and provide comfort for your eyes. Sun, water, and wind can be a real challenge for your eyes outdoors. That's why we think of i-gogs Performance sunglasses as gear for your eyes.
•    Polycarbonate and P-Tech™ Polarized lenses available
•    Fit and Comfort with Metal and Plastic style frames
•    Solid, gradient, and high resolution mirror lens tints
•    100% UV Protection

i-gogs Performance sunglasses, designed with the athlete in mind and worn by our Good Sports, are essential to any outdoor activity. Whether you are hiking, bicycling, running or even watching a sporting event your eyes need to be protected. Fortunately our Performance line features shatter proof Polycarbonate or our exclusive glare-fighting P-Tech Polarized lenses to maximize your benefit. With i-gogs you'll enjoy being outside even more knowing that you're providing superior protection for your eyes.

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