Women's Sunglasses

If you are in the market for the latest trend in women's sunglasses you’re in luck with i-gogs. The designers at i-gogs are constantly developing new product so you’ll always have a great selection of the latest frames, colors and lens tints. Protecting your eyes from the sun is important, with i-gogs you’ll always look smashing.

Best of all because i-gogs are a great price, it’s never an indulgence to own several pair.
•    Available frame styles range from medium to large
•    Metal and Plastic style frames available
•    100% UV Protection

Wearing sunglasses reduces the risk of eye damage due to sun exposure. Just like sunscreen lotion protect you from dangerous ultra violet rays (that can lead to skin cancer) sunglasses protect your eyes.

With i-gogs Women’s Sunglasses it’s possible to have the great looks you want with the superior eye protection you deserve. Don't assume that you get full protection from the suns rays with pricier sunglasses with darker tint. i-gogs has 100% UV protection in every pair and style.

Stylishly Simple Eye Protection

Always In Season And Style