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i-gogs specifies superior frame materials to insure every pair of i-gogs eyewear will meet your needs. Our frames come in a range of materials – each with different attributes – allowing us to match performance, function and price with your expectations. And we never stop improving. In 2015 we've selected even higher grade metals for the expanded line of metal frame sunglasses. Lighter, stronger and sleeker. i-gogs metals are distinctively superior. Here is a summary of the frame materials used within the entire i-gogs line.

Grilamid® TR90 - High Performance + Low Weight - Grilamid TR90 is the lightest engineering plastic in existence. The low weight characteristic contributes to all day comfort. In optics frames Grilamid TR90 is known to be extremely tough and resistance to weathering – which is idea for active outdoor use.

Monel - Corrosion Resistant - Monel is a Nickel-Copper alloy with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a range of environments including salt water. In fact, due to its resistance to corrosion, Monel is often specified in marine engineering applications.

Nickel Silver - Sparkling Sheen - Nickel Silver is also an alloy - copper, nickel and zinc. There is no silver in it at all. Nickel Silver tends to be more rigid than Monel. Nickel Silver is known for its brightness – for a classic look. The presence of nickel means those allergic to it should also avoid frames that contain nickel silver.

Polycarbonate - Versatile and Tough – Polycarbonate frames when combined with Polycarbonate lenses, offer optimum impact resistance and eye protection. Polycarbonate frames are ideal for sporting or outdoor work wear.

Nylon - Lightweight and Strong - Nylon frames offer versatility in styling and color. They are also hypoallergenic and flexible.

Acrylic - Vibrant Color - Acrylic is strong and light. Acrylic frames produce the most vibrant colors – great for fashion forward styling.

Brass - Economical Quality – Brass is one of the original frame materials and has been used for nearly 200 years. Brass is an excellent choice for value.


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