Lens Technologies


At i-gogs we are passionate about lenses. Creating a better lens is what drives us. As a result we are pleased to introduce you to our newest lens technologies, P-Tech Polarized™.

When the sun reflects off surfaces like water, snow or pavement, its brightness is magnified - creating intense glare. P-Tech Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering out the reflected sunlight bouncing off those flat surfaces. Our P-Tech Polarized sunglasses cut glare and haze so you see clearly and your eyes are more comfortable.

What makes P-Tech Polarized lenses work so well? P-Tech Polarized balances the polarization effect with light transfer to increase visual acuity and depth perception. The result is a clear view that is color true and easier on your eyes.

The P-Tech Polarized lenses found throughout the i-gogs 2014 line offers the best in polarization performance. We specify TAC polarized lens technology for our P-Tech Polarized lenses. TAC polarized withstands extreme temperatures and moisture.

P-Tech Polarized lenses are hard coated to resist scratching and block out 100% of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. Additionally P-Tech Polarized lenses are lightweight and highly impact resistant - which makes them more comfortable and longer lasting.


Polycarbonate is the benchmark in protective eyewear. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses.

Polycarbonate was developed specifically for safety and strength in industrial applications, such as fighter canopies and space shuttle windshields, before becoming used as lens material.

What makes Polycarbonate the superior lens when eye protection is essential? The difference is in the manufacturing process. Polycarbonate pellets are injection molded and compressed under high pressure to form each lens. Compared to the liquid cast molding of plastics, polycarbonate’s rapid injection produces an unbreakable lens.

We’ve made our Polycarbonate lenses even more durable by applying an Anti-Scratch Hard Coating to both sides of the i-gogs Polycarbonate lens.

In addition to impact resistance, Polycarbonate has other positive attributes. Polycarbonate provides 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They are also lightweight, adding to the comfort of your eyewear.